Microsoft Outlook 2010 Stopped Working Error : How To Fix?

How can I fix Microsoft Outlook 2010 stopped working error? Since I have updated Outlook application getting the very error every time I start Microsoft Outlook 2010. Can I repair my Outlook 2010 nor responding error? Help!!

No wonder, Outlook is the impressive and the mostly used email client across globe. Outlook always keep updating its version and Microsoft Outlook 2010 is one of the them. The very Outlook application is more impressive comes up with new features and astonishing one. Outlook 2010 let you to manage contacts in easy way, Notes, Calendar and some like many. But, in spite of so enhancements errors at different stage continues to bother Outlook users. Microsoft Outlook 2010 stopped working error is one frequently seen error message continues to bother but need not to be disappointed as you can easily fix the issues.


Soon after you encountered the error Outlook 2010 stopped working, instead of restarting the program follow the below methods in order to terminate:-

1st Method:

  • Hit “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” button altogether to brings up Windows Task Manager
  • Click on “Processes” tab.
  • Find out OUTLOOK.EXE
  • Choose OUTLOOK.EXE
  • Click on “End Process” Button.

2nd Method:
  • Click on “Start” button
  • Go to Programs >> Microsoft Office 2010
  • Choose Office Tools >>Application Recovery.
  • Choose Outlook in dialog >> Select “End Application”.

How To eliminate Microsoft Outlook 2010 stopped working error:-

Terminating Outlook application or try restarting the computer, may resolve the issue but in cased situation continues to same then you are advised to follow below mentioned steps:-

  • Open “Start menu” >> “My Computer”
  • Go to “C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office 2010 folder”
  • Right click on “Outlook.exe” file
  • Choose properties >>Go to “Compatibility” tab
  • Unchecked all boxes below “Compatibility mode”.
  • Finally, click on “Change settings for all users” button.
  • Now click “OK” to save the settings.

Going this way hopefully you have resolved the error Outlook 2010 doesn’t respond after startup but in case situation seems to be continued then it may be due to corruption of PST file. There are number of reasons that are liable to .pst file corruption alike improper system termination, PST header file corruption, virus/malware/spyware infections, system crash and more alike issues.
Use Scanpst.exe also called Inbox Repair Tool to fix PST file corruption. In case Scanpst.exe fails to do so, make use of recommended PST Repair Software to fix pst corruption. The tool is very easy to use, reliable and effective capable to fix .pst corruption happened due to any reasons. Thus, try the very tool to resolve Microsoft Outlook 2010 stopped working error.