Outlook 2016 not updating Inbox automatically : How to Fix?

Are you wondering for solution to fix Outlook 2016 not updating Inbox automatically issues? Are you unable to send/receive emails? Are you getting various error while using Outlook? If “yes” then continue reading the post and get ultimate solution to fix Outlook issues.

Last Saturday, I received an emails from our reader that Inbox is not updating automatically. Ya, it's a worrying situation but quite common issues. While using Outlook application it happens incoming mail take some time to arrive comparing to other email client such as Yahoo/Gmail/Outlook.com. Many Outlook user who has updated to Outlook 2016 reported that the application does not update automatically when they perform send / receive operation. Actually, the error emerges due to damaged into Send/Receive group within Outlook application.


However you don't need to worry as this article help you to make your Outlook Inbox refresh automatically. Follow the below mentioned steps to fix Outlook 2016 not updating Inbox automatically issue:-

  • Open Outlook 2016 >> Click on Send/Receive.
  • Click on Send/Receive Groups drop down box.
  • Select Define Send/Receive Groups.
  • In All Accounts option >> Click on Schedule An Automatic Send/Receive every.
  • Change Minutes value from 30 to small(as desired).
  • After changing, Click on Close->Quit Outlook 2016,
  • Restart your Outlook.
  • Now Inbox in Outlook Automatically Refresh(in set time).

      Following the above methods, Outlook 2016 not updating Inbox automatically issues get resolved. Now you will be able to send or receive emails hassle-free. Above step need good knowledge, any single error leads to .pst file corruption. In case even after following the above methods, situation continues to be same them might severe .pst corruption be the reasons. You don't need to worry as PST Repair Software is there making use of which you can easily fix all sort of Outlook issues. The recommended tool is much easy to secure, designed by experienced professional with simple and interactive interface making use of which you can easily sort out Outlook 2016 issues.