How to Fix PST File Header Corruption in Outlook 2013

Have you encountered header corruption in Outlook 2013? Unable to work properly onto Outlook application? Encountering various error while sending or receiving emails? Well, then this article help you to resolve PST file header corruption in Outlook 2013.

We all know MS-Outlook is regarded the best application for efficient email management. Outlook application offers many great features alike Contacts, Notes, Calendar, Entries, and Tasks. Additionally to give the best features, Outlook keeps updating its version and recently it has updated to Outlook 2016. Inspite of so up-gradation in Outlook version error at different stage continues to bother Outlook issues. Actually Outlook application stores all relevant information including RSS feeds, sent items, calendar items, and many other in PST file format. In order to access mails or other files PST is very much important. PST files header structure contains complete metadata about the PST file and is located at beginning of .pst file. In case somehow .pst file gets corrupted you are unable to access Outlook application and in order to work properly you need to fix PST file header corruption in Outlook 2013.


There are number of reasons responsible for PST file header corruption. Some very common of them are listed below:-

  • Improper exit from Outlook.
  • Severe malware intrusion.
  • PST file sized exceed limits.
  • Database corruption.
  • Sharing PST file over network.
  • Sudden termination of Outlook application.

    After, PST file header corruption user encounter several error message among them most frequently seen are unable to display folder, access denied, Outlook .pst is not personal file folder and Outlook .pst couldn't be accessed. No matter what's the reasons responsible for header corruption in Outlook 2013 but need not to worry as you can easily fix PST file header corruption in Outlook 2013.

    Outlook comes with well-known tool- “Inbox Repair Tool” making use of which you can easily fix the issues but if the corruption is severe or due to large pst file sized “SCANPST.EXE” not help you. You don't need to worry as making use of PST Repair Software you can easily repair severely corrupted PST header file. The recommended tool supports all version of Outlook as well as compatible with all latest versions of Mac OS X and Windows. Hence, try PST Repair Software as it's the ultimate solution to fix PST file header corruption in Outlook 2013.