How To Fix Indexing problems in Outlook 2007

Outlook is the most advanced email application and when talking about Outlook 2007 it has been impressive. To gives the best to Outlook users it keeps updating its version and Outlook 2007 comes up with more added new features.

Now on Outlook 2007 version you can use instant Search option, the new To-Do Bar integrates your tasks and the e-mail messages. You can organize your information in new and more visual ways. With so enhanced features, the 2007 Outlook version impressed a lot but error continue to be one big issues. Indexing problems in Outlook 2007 is most common reasons which also known as Outlook search problems.


In Outlook 2007, Instant Search features helps a lot to Outlook user to search for and return emails in quickly manner but sometime it happens search doesn’t return the items. This error emerges exactly when index is incomplete or somehow broken, or simply .pst or .ost file gets corrupted. Need not to worry going through below mentioned step you can easily fix Indexing problems in Outlook 2007. Follow the step:-

1. Check that files you want are included in Index

Search might not work if files you searching aren’t included in list of file:-

  • Go to Tools >> Instant Search >> Search Options
  • Under ‘Index messages, you can find which file are indexed.

If you don’t see your desired file, add new one going following steps:-
  • Click E-Mail in the navigation section.
  • Click on drop down arrow found next to All Email Items.
  • Select items you’d like to index.
  • Restart Outlook.

Hope the issues resolved, if not then follow next step:-

2. Check that indexing is complete

If Outlook hasn’t finished indexing yet, then this may arises. How to check status:-

  • Go to Tools >> Instant Search >> Indexing Status
  • The pop up box states there are ‘0 items remaining, if not indexing isn’t complete, you need to wait.

If getting same issues restart your computer first closing Outlook. If the indexing problems in Outlook 2007 continues then your .pst or .ost file gets corrupted due to any reasons. Don't panic make use of Scanpst.exe, inbuilt tool to fix .pst file corruption. However, there are certain limitation and hence in case Inbox Repair Tool or say Scanpst.exe fails to fix pst file corruption you are recommended to make use of relevant and efficient PST Recovery Software. The very tool is easy to use, reliable and secure as well as highly effective to fix indexing problems in Outlook 2007.