How To Fix Outlook 2007 Not Responding Error

Have you encountered Outlook 2007 not responding error while access Outlook? Unable to operate or open Outlook application? Well, need not to worry here's complete solution to fix the issues. MS-Outlook is a the important application as well as impressive one to send/receive emails. Dues to its enhanced features it is widely used in corporate world to share the tasks, activities. In spite of enhanced features error continues to appear at different stage and bother Outlook users. One such very common issues is Outlook 2007 not responding error and most user of Outlook are likely to come across the problem at some point. Actually the error occurs when Outlook is closed and user again tries to open it from its system tray. Until computer is restarted icon remain in system tray and can cause serious problems if Outlook is shared as database remains open.


How to Fix Outlook 2007 Not Responding Error

First Method:

  • Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE altogether to open Windows Task Manager.
  • Goto the “Processes” tab.
  • Find OUTLOOK.EXE in list.
  • Select OUTLOOK.EXE
  • Press the “End Process” Button

Second Method:-
  • Goto Start Menu >> Then Programs
  • Microsoft Office >> Office Tools >> Application Recovery.
  • Select Outlook from dialog box >> Choose End Application.

If Outlook 2007 not responding error continues to appear then somehow your .pst file gets corrupted somehow. After emergence of the very error you will get slow performance of Outlook, Outlook calendar or contacts disappeared, unable to access .pst files and many more. Undoubtedly encountering error while opening Outlook puts user in unavoidable situation but you can fix .pst file corruption using scanpst.exe popularly called Inbox Repair Tool. However, this inbuilt Outlook tool has too limitation and thus sometime fails to fix error but you don't need to worry as using PST Repair Software you can easily fix .pst corruption reasons for emergence of Outlook 2007 not responding error. The very tool is easy to use, reliable and secure.