How to Fix Oversized Outlook PST File

Are you getting trouble while accessing Outlook application? Are you getting error alike xxxx.pst cannot be accessed 0X80040116. while accessing Outlook application? Is your Outlook application takes lot of time to respond? If Yes then reasons might be of Oversized .pst file. Read the post below and get ultimate guidance to fix oversized Outlook PST File.

MS-Outlook is an amazing application that comes with many astonishing features. Outlook has recently updated its version but inspite of enhancement issues at different stage continues to bother Outlook user. The most important part of Outlook is PST file. Personal Storage Table (PST) is act as a container for Microsoft Outlook that stores emails, Notes, Drafts, Tasks, Journals, Alarms, Contacts, Calendars, and some other useful Outlook elements. PST has certain specific storage limit of file size that also depends upon version of Outlook. Whenever PST file gets oversized, Outlook takes a long time to respond and open files from it. The issues get more worse especially while sending or receiving emails. In order to work properly on Outlook application one need to fix oversized Outlook PST file immediately.


After the Oversized Outlook PST file while trying to access the emails or contacts you encountered with following error messages:-

  • Error in Background Synchronization.
  • Reported Error 0x00040820.
  • xxxx.pst cannot be accessed 0X80040116.
  • The file could not be added to the folder. The action could not be completed.

Really, it's an unavoidable situation for any Outlook user encountering an error alike above mentioned but you need not to worry as you can easily fix oversized Outlook PST File. Microsoft provides built-in application Inbox Repair Tool as “Scanpst.exe”. This is very helpful tool to deal with PST file corruption. The tool is located in the MS office folder of your system drive and able to fix PST file crossing fixed size limit. To fix the issues you need to follow the below mentioned steps:-

  • Open scanpst.exe application.
  • Click on browse button to choose oversized PST file.
  • Hit Start button to test selected files for errors.
  • Here you find option like Make backup of scanned file before repairing.
  • Select destination location to save backup file.
  • Press Repair button to initialize repair process.

Hope going the same way you have successfully repair the Oversized Outlook PST File but in case situation continues to be same make use of very easy and effective tool PST Repair Software that is capable to fix corruption due to PST file crossing its fixed size limit. The recommended tool is very easy to use, reliable and secure. You don't need to make great effort the tool has very simple and interactive interface. Hence, try PST Repair Software as it's the best and ultimate solution to fix Oversized Outlook PST File.