What's new in Outlook 2016 For Windows : Best Review

We all know, Outlook is popular and widely used email client used mostly across globe. With the motive to give the best of best features to Outlook keeps updating its version and recently launched Outlook 2016 for Windows and Mac. Many user's wondering what's new in Outlook 2016? So, if you are one of them here's the complete solution.

Outlook 2016 is latest upgraded version of Outlook and for Windows it comes with new and improved features as well as included all tools and functionality you have used before. The newly up-gradation of Outlook version help you communicate faster and easier.

New and Improved Features in Outlook 2016 For Windows

Events from email feature:- Now you can automatically create events from email messages. Previously it happens if you have book a flight and need to remind you need to add flight details to your calendar manually. But in updated version Outlook 2016 automatically create events and also events created are marked private.

Modern In-App Help & Support:- In order to answer your questions better and fast, the “Tell Me what you want to do” box at top of the Ribbon has been updated. It comes with improved search, content, recommendations and give wide variety of options.

Browse and create groups from Ribbon:- Outlook 2016 make it easier to browse and create groups in Outlook 2016 as it provides two new buttons available on ribbon. Both buttons are available on the Home tab.

Insert icons:- In Outlook 2016, now you can insert icons into your email messages as well as into calendar events. For this, you just need to:- Choose Icons from Insert tab on ribbon. There are different types of icons in different categories which includes Arts, Animals, and Business.

Collaborate on attachments in real time:- Outlook 2016 help you to upload refreshed version of email attachment any time with OneDrive. For this you can use drop-down menu on attachment to upload a revised version or save new version.

Easier background removal:- Outlook 2016 make it easier to remove and edit background of picture. It automatically detects general background area. Now you don't need to draw rectangle around foreground, instead you can it give you pencil for marking areas.

With so many new features in Outlook 2016 is really impressive but .pst file corruption is still one major issues. There are number of reasons that are liable to .pst file corruption. Some of them very commonly seen are:-

  • Windows 8 OS reinstallation / crash.
  • Hard drive corruption.
  • PST fixed file size(>2GB) get exceed.
  • Severe virus infection on Windows 8 system.
  • Improper up-gradation of Outlook 2016 application.

There may be other reasons. In case you have encountered .pst corruption you don't need to panic as Outlook comes with techniques to resolve .pst corruption. If want to resolve Outlook 2016 issues easily and hassle-freely make use of PST Repair Software. The recommended tool is very effective and too you don't need to make great effort as it has simple interface.