How to Fix ole registration error Outlook 2013

Have you encountered ole registration error while using Outlook 2013? Are you getting annoying error at regular basis while using Outlook application? Looking for a complete and easy solution to fix ole registration error Outlook 2013? If “Yes” then continue reading the post...

Outlook is the widely used email application and its latest version Outlook 2013 is much more advanced and comes with new features. Outlook 2013 comes with awesome interface and features which include task manager, contact manager, note-making, calendar, etc. However, inspite of so advancement error at different stage continues to bother Outlook users and one most frequently seen error message is ole registration error. This is very critical error as it restrict user to mail data. One common error message usually seen are:-

'Microsoft Word is set to be your e-mail editor. However, Word is unavailable or not installed, or is not the same version as your Outlook application is. The Outlook e-mail editor will be used instead. An OLE registration error occurred. The program is not correctly installed. Run setup again for the program'.


Getting ole registration error Outlook 2013 is really annoying and frustrating. Basically, the error related to MS-Word and pop-up usually when user need to send a new email just clicking to new mail button. MS-Word works as e-mail editor for MS-Outlook and the very error arises when MS-Word is not installed in same version of MS-Outlook. The error is although frustrating but you don't need to panic as you can fix ole registration error Outlook 2013 going below mentioned steps:-

  • First, close Outlook.
  • Open Windows Run dialog box, alternatively (Windows+R)
  • Type “regsvr32 ole32.dll” >> Click OK.

      After registration completed, select OK and then restart Outlook. Even after following the step if situation continues to be same then you are recommended to make use of PST Repair Software. This is very efficient tool professionally which is capable to resolve all sort of PST issues. Moreover, it is widely compatible with all Outlook version including Outlook 2016. Therefore, you must try PST Repair Software to fix ole registration error Outlook 2013.