How to Fix Outlook 2016 crashing on startup Issues

Outlook is an amazing email client offer too much enhanced features. Outlook 2016 is one latest version of Outlook that comes with much astonishing feature but inspite error at different stage continues to bother Outlook user. Among them, one most commonly error is Outlook 2016 crashing on startup issues. Really, it's an unavoidable issues that totally disrupted Outlook activity and too generate lots of system issues.

If you are too facing Outlook 2016 crashing on startup Issues then you don't need to be disappointed, follow the below mentioned step to fix this critical issue:-

Method 1:

  • Press Windows logo + R keys altogether to open Run command dialog.
  • Type Outlook.exe /safe >> Then press Enter key to open Outlook 2016 in Safe mode.
  • From Choose Profile dialog, Choose a profile >> Click OK button.
  • Close the Outlook program.
  • Restart Outlook 2016 application.


If [Method 1] not works Method 2:-
  • Open Outlook 2016 while holding down “CTRL” key.
  • Choose “File” > “Manage Add-Ins”.
  • Disable all plugins to check which plugins are causing crashes.
  • After getting that plugins >> Select “Disable this add-in” button.
  • Click on Close.
  • Restart Outlook normally.

If [Method 2] fails, try Method 3:-
  • Open up File Explorer.
  • Navigate to following folder:- C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook
  • Right-click on your Outlook data file.
  • Click Rename >> Then add Backup.
  • Open Start menu >> Launch Outlook 2016/365.

If nothing works, Method 4:-
  • Open Microsoft’s website and write down current/latest version number.
  • Now hold down Windows key and press R, to open a dialog box.
  • Type following command as per system bit version.
  • >> >> If 64-bit version, type: "%programfiles%\Microsoft Office 15\ClientX64\OfficeClickToRun.exe" /update user updatetoversion=(version)
  • >> >> If 32-bit version, type: "%programfiles%\Microsoft Office 15\ClientX86\OfficeClickToRun.exe" /update user updatetoversion=(version)
  • Add version number you wrote in 1st step.
  • Soon after Windows prompted shows up >> Select “Repair” Office.

Hope going the method 4 way you have resolved Outlook 2016 crashing on startup Issues but if situation continues to be same then need not to panic as PST Repair Software is there making use of which you can fix Outlook 2016 crashing on startup problem. The recommended tool is much easy to use, reliable and secure. You don't need to make great effort as it has simple interface.