Outlook 2010 Mail Indexing Not Working : How To Fix the Issue

I have recently upgraded my Outlook to Outlook 2010 and ended up with Outlook 2010 mail indexing not working error. I tried some possible way to fix the issues but situation continues to be same. Outlook stops working completely and different other error popping at regular basis. How to fix Outlook 2010 search not working problem? Help!!

We all know, Outlook is great emails application and when coming to Outlook 2010 it's more awesome. But error at different stage continues to bother Outlook users, one such very common error seems to be troubling users is Outlook 2010 mail indexing not working error. After the emergence of error half of the Outlook application fails or stops working completely. There are numerous reasons resulting in Outlook 2010 search function error. The most prominent is that - search function be completely turned off. It's the most common reasons seems especially when one gets this after upgrading Outlook version. Actually, it happens that while updating older version search becomes disabled and you need enable it again in order to work properly again. Here's the step to do so:-

  • Close Outlook application completely.
  • Go to Control Panel > Programs.
  • From Programs and Features >> Turn Windows Features On or Off.
  • Check on the Indexing Service check box >> Hit OK.
  • Now, Open Outlook again.


Hope the issues resolved and Outlook search working well but in case if still you are getting Outlook 2010 mail indexing not working error, it may be due to corrupted .pst file and hence for proper functioning you require rebuild index. In order to fix corrupted file make use of Inbox Repair Tool to fix any corrupted files, going through the below step:-

  • Exit out of Outlook 2010.
  • Access Indexing options, going to File >> Options >> Search.
  • Within Search section, select Indexing Options.
  • After Indexing Options Dialog Box appears >> Select Advanced.
  • Now Click Rebuild button to start rebuilding your index.

Wait for some moment to complete the step. If you are still getting same issues or Inbox Repair Tool also known as scanpst.exe fails to resolve issues make use of effective and reliable PST Repair Software to fix Outlook 2010 mail indexing not working error.