What's new in Outlook 2016 For Mac

Outlook is the most impressive, popular and too widely used email client used by users across globe. The very email application is supported on Windows as well as on Mac that make it more awesome. Although, Outlook is best but still to give the best features, it keeps updating its version. Previously we've seen new features in Outlook 2016, now let's see What's new in Outlook 2016 for Mac.

Outlook 2016 for Mac is continuously evolving new and improved features that make it more awesome and let you to do things done more efficiently. Some very new features included in Outlook 2016 for Mac system are:-

Use @mentions:-Now Outlook will automatically add them to the line of the email when you type the @ symbol followed by the person's name. If you are looking for email, where you have been mentioned use method:- Filter Email > Mentioned button.

New editing features:- Outlook 2016 comes with new editing features let you to rotate and resize inserted picture into email message. Additionally you can add effects alike shadow, glow, as well as you can crop, adjust brightness and contrast, and can make other adjustments upon your need. You just need to double-click on your image to bring up Format Picture controls.

Archive messages with single click:- Now you can safely store emails using one-click archive. In order to do so, you need to click Archive button on the ribbon and moves your messages to Archive folder or some other folder.

Make use of Room Finder:- Room Finder can help you to scheduling meeting in building, that's unfamiliar. Room lists show conference rooms located in various buildings within your company. From the above shown menu, click Room Finder to see its availability.

Use Clutter to sort low priority messages:- Clutter is an important and most important feature that basically moves your low priority messages out of Inbox and into some another folder. It save ypour time while scaning for important messages. For this feature, you need to turn on Clutter in Office 365 Outlook Web App with Clutter in Outlook 2016 for Mac.

With so many new features in Outlook 2016 is really impressive but .pst file corruption is still one major issues. Reasons very commonly seen responsible for .pst corruption are:-

  • Hard drive corruption.
  • Severe virus infection on Windows 8 system.
  • PST fixed file size(>2GB) get exceed.
  • Windows 8 OS reinstallation / crash.
  • Wrong up-gradation of Outlook 2016 application.

Along with so impressive and new features, Outlook 2016 let you to manage your Inbox with Full Screen view, and too allow you to navigate easily between main Outlook elements. Working onto Outlook 2016 is really impressive but inspite error and .pst file corruption is still one big issues continues to frustrate Outlook user. But you don't need to panic as PST Repair Software is there which too compatible with Mac OS and Outlook 2016.